Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swiss Army Huntsman Review

This Swiss Army knife is absolutely great! I use this knife primarily for backpacking, camping, and all outdoor activities. However, I used to carry it with me everywhere, but didn't like it much for everyday use because it doesn't have pliers, and I rarely use the saw unless I am camping.

This knife is a good size for me. This is the one item I will allow to have a little extra weight in my pack. I am an ultralight backpacker and really try to limit the weight in my pack as much as possible.

The blade is made out of a very hard steel and does not nick, chip, break, or get flat spots like some of it's competitors. I have cut some pretty tough materials with this blade, including copper wire. This blade is very durable and stays sharp for a very long time.

I have used the saw various times and it is still as sharp as it was the first time I used it. The saw is durable and thick enough so it won't bend when cutting wood. It is great for cutting small branches, or sticks for using as fuel in small wood burning backpacking stoves.

The can opener, and bottle opener work well and are durable enough to withstand a good amount of abuse. The opener's have come in handy several times in the house when I could not find our household can/bottle opener.

The screw drivers are adequate for most tasks and even work well for prying.

The accessory hook seems a bit useless to me, as I have never had a reason to use it. Who knows, maybe someday I will. It seems like it would do a fine job carrying something heavy with a strap that would cut into your hand.

The scissors are great and I use them all the time. I have never had an issue with them. They stay sharp, and can easily be sharpened when necessary. I have used them to cut soda cans and beer cans to make backpacking stoves and they do a great job.

The exterior of the knife is great and very durable. It doesn't scratch that easily, and holds up well against dropping the knife on the ground.

I highly recommend this knife for around the house, backpacking, camping, hiking and just about any other outdoor activity.

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steene said...

I am currently in the market for my fourth Huntsman. My first was purchased while in the Army around 85. That lasted 5 years until I lent it to the Welding instructor, who shorted it out working on a welder attachment(bye bye screwdriver tip).
The second was purchased immediately following the welding incident in 90 and lasted until 94. I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala working with small animal husbandry projects. After lancing a boil on a hog, I boiled it to clean it. The red handles warped and came off the knife. It slimmed down considerably. The tweezers and toothpick were lost at that point. It was stolen from my washstand shortly thereafter. One of the neighborhood kids was seen selling it shortly thereafter.
On a visit home after extending my service for a year, I purchased #3. That one made it until last month, I "lost" it at work. It was left out on a project while we took a break. It was not there when we returned.
The scissors is great, the return spring is the weakest link . The saw is exceptionally sharp and as long as you do your part and don't twist it while using it will cut wood, bone and plastic when needed.
I now have a tinker model. I only bought it because the store did not carry the Huntsman and I refuse to be without a pocketknife.