Friday, June 22, 2007

Home Made Hammock Stand

I made this great hammock stand last night by replicating the Byer Madera Hammock Stand. It works extremely well and is very convenient when you only have one tree, or post. One of the hammock ropes, is tied to a tree, and the other is tied to the hammock stand. You can get a better visual by looking at the photo above.

I used the longest eye bolt I could find for the stake attached to the rope, which is used to hold up the stand. I pulled on the rope to ensure it was secure, and I was not able to pull it out of the ground. If I pull straight up on the stake it will come out relatively easy.

In hindsight I would have just bought the Byer model from REI since it costs just as much to make with the Oak. I was planning on making a second, so I can set my hammock up without trees while at a campground. I will consider buying the second from REI instead of making it.

Someone made the suggestion to build a similar stand using bamboo. However, I have not been able to find any bamboo for this purpose. I will keep looking and if I do I will build it and post photos.

When I actually take this stand and try it at a campground, I think I will use a second stake just to make sure it is I am also going to grind a point on my stake (eye bolt) so it is easier to put in the ground.

I used an auto cargo strap, with a ratchet for tightening the line, which is the line tied to the stake. It works well, but I have to be careful not to over tighten, and brake the ridge line on the hammock.

This same type of stand could probably easily be built with 2x4's for much less money. I think I might try that next and use treated lumber. Hmmm, maybe I will build one today. I think it would be much more cost effective.

I think this is the best type of stand for the least amount of money that can be built. It is very light weight, durable, and effective. Two stands could be used to accomplish the same result as a self standing stand. Two-by-fours would greatly reduce the price, probably to about $20.

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kf7gd said...

How do you get the stake to stay in?

They keep pulling out on me. Last one I tried was a 2ft piece of rebar.

Currently trying Antenna mast material from the top of the bipod to the tree. Suggestions?