Monday, April 28, 2008


Kiwi and I had a great hammock camping trip this past weekend with 30 others from the hammock forum. All 30 people had their hammocks. It was quite a site to see all those hammocks.

We did get quite a bit of rain while we were out camping, but we still had a great time. We had some thunder and lightning too. Kiwi made a great friend by the name of Thunderfoot. They played all weekend long.

Hutch played the guitar and sang for a while on the first night, but had to leave earlier than others.

It was my first night in my new hammock and I got soaked. Unfortunately, I neglected to setup a drip mechanism and all the water ran down the tie-out-lines and into the hammock. I have corrected this issue by adding drip rings to my lines.

I wanted to test the factory setup for the new hammock just to see how well it worked without any modifications.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Campout in Backyard

For the past few nights I have been sleeping out in the backyard. My intention is to thoroughly test my equipment. Lately I have been doing some comparisons between the JRB Nest and the Hennessey Super Shelter. I keep going back-and-forth over which one I like better. I need to do more testing.

I will start writing my reviews on my main website. I am going to create a section just for reviews instead of spreading them all through this blog. I will begin moving all the reviews I have already written to the main site (

Anyhow, last night was the best night sleep I have gotten in a long time. I love my HH and SS. Hopefully my new Claytor will be able to compete with it; when it arrives.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Campout - Warmth Tests

So I decided to camp out last night, yes, on a work night. The temps went down below freezing. However, I have made a few discoveries.

1) The heavy-duty space blankets (more expensive) don't work worth a darn in combination with an underquilt.

2) The inexpensive, thin space blankets seem to work pretty well. At least much better than the heavy-duty versions. I think this might have something to do with the weight; compresses the loft.

3) The JRB Nest works much better when you shake the down to the center of the quilt before you get in.

4) The JRB Nest as a UQ, in combination with a No Snivller, as an overquilt is only warm down to about 45 degrees F. After the temp starts getting much below 45 it is time to put in the space blanket. The space blanket only seems to add a few degrees.

I did order a JRB Weather Shield for my Nest and am hoping this add's a few degrees to my warmth. I am also considering getting a 3rd quilt to use for colder seasons. I could use my Nest, and No Snivller as a combo UQ, then use a heavier quilt as a oq.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hennessey SS vs. JRB Nest

I have been bouncing back and forth between the SS and the Nest. The SS seems to be bomb-proof. I had one situation when all my stuff got soaked, including the SS. I just wrung out the water, and it kept me warm all night down into the 30ies.

The big issue I have with the SS is that it squeezes the sides of the hammock, which causes the hammock to be uncomfortable, and the bug net sags. The sides tend to fold up/bunch a bit. It does do a good job keeping me warm and dry. It also does a great job keeping the wind out.

I just ordered a weather shield for my JRB nest. The big issue with the Under Quilts (UQ) is that they don't do a good job stopping the wind, or water. This is a problem in bad weather, and/or fog. I am hoping the weather shield will help solve all my problems. The shield will also add 10 degrees to the warmth of my quilt.

The quilt fits the hammock better than the SS and doesn't cause the net, or sides to scrunch and sag. This is a big advantage for comfort.

So far they both seem to do an adequate job keeping me warm, but I think I might start leaning more towards using the nest after I get my new weather shield.

New Photos & Tibet Mountain

As promised I have added a new photo album for April 2008 to my gallery. Here is a link directly to the album:

We had a trip this weekend and hiked Tibet Mountain in West Virginia. It was a great hike and is fairly rough with some good climbs. This is one hike well worth doing; the views are fantastic.

I am going to plan a group trip based on Tibet Mountain and Big Schloss Mountain trail hikes. The trip will probably be 3-4 days.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

First Outing of Season

Well, Z and I had our first outing this season. It didn't go so well. It got really cold, and rainy. Then his home-made hammock got wet. He got cold and came into my hammock.

The temps went down to the upper 30ies. I had my under-quilt on, but kept getting cold spots. I should have put my space blanket in it or something. It was my first time testing my new quilt in the "WILD". I wasn't very impressed and think I may stick with my HH-SS.

I don't have any photos at the moment because I cannot find the cable for the camera. However, I will post them in my Picasa albums when I find the cable.