Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hennessey SS vs. JRB Nest

I have been bouncing back and forth between the SS and the Nest. The SS seems to be bomb-proof. I had one situation when all my stuff got soaked, including the SS. I just wrung out the water, and it kept me warm all night down into the 30ies.

The big issue I have with the SS is that it squeezes the sides of the hammock, which causes the hammock to be uncomfortable, and the bug net sags. The sides tend to fold up/bunch a bit. It does do a good job keeping me warm and dry. It also does a great job keeping the wind out.

I just ordered a weather shield for my JRB nest. The big issue with the Under Quilts (UQ) is that they don't do a good job stopping the wind, or water. This is a problem in bad weather, and/or fog. I am hoping the weather shield will help solve all my problems. The shield will also add 10 degrees to the warmth of my quilt.

The quilt fits the hammock better than the SS and doesn't cause the net, or sides to scrunch and sag. This is a big advantage for comfort.

So far they both seem to do an adequate job keeping me warm, but I think I might start leaning more towards using the nest after I get my new weather shield.

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