Wednesday, June 27, 2007

MSR Pocket Rocket Review

In my opinion the MSR Pocket Rocket (MPR) is one of the best stoves on the market today. It is extremely light weight, and works unbelievably well. The flames come out like that of a jet engine.

A wind screen is not necessary, nor is it recommended for this stove. A screen can actually end up being dangerous and causing the stove to over heat and explode. However, I have heard of people using them without incident.

The fuel for the MPR is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of sizes. The larger fuel cans are more stable when cooking, but are much heavier. I am not sure how many meals/boils you can get from a small fuel can. I have been able to use one on several multi-day trips without running out of fuel. I do mostly boil-in-a-bag meals.

This stove is great and I highly recommend it for any serious backpacker; especially ultralight backpackers.

Even after using this stove and giving it a great review, I still prefer my home made Penny Stove. Maybe it is because I made it myself.

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