Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Leatherman Juice S2 Multi-tool Review

I do not use this multi-tool for backpacking, or camping. This is my everyday around the house tool.

I have been using my S2 on a daily basis for about a year. I have not had any issues with this multi-tool. It is compact and extremely useful. However, I found it to be a little expensive at $40.

The components on the Swiss Army knives seem to be mad out of harder steel than the S2.

I started with a basic swiss army knife, then moved on to a more complex version. I then decided to upgrade from the swiss knives to the swiss multi-tools and purchased a spirit multi-tool. Unfortunately, at 9.9oz. this multi-tool is too heavy for my belt.

After carrying my Spirit around for several weeks, I decided to try out a smaller lighter weight Leatherman. I have not put it down since. I carry my S2 with me everyday no matter where I am going.

The S2 is of good quality, but I would not say it is the best quality on the market. The exterior easily gets scratched and chipped. I have dropped the S2 several times and each time it received a new mark.

The pliers are great for most purposes, and the wire cutters work well. I use the pliers all the time and don't have any complaints about them. The screw drivers are just the right size for most applications and also work very well. The can opener is a bit annoying and flimsy.

Anytime I want to use the scissors, I have to first open the can-opener because it is it is in the way of the scissors.

The blade stays sharp and does a great job cutting. However, it seems to be softer material than the comparable swiss and nicks easily. I do tend to beat on my multi-tools. This tool can definitely handle some abuse.

I am pleased with the S2, and like it's compact size. I do recommend this multi-tool if you are in the market for one. However, I think my next purchase will be a Swiss with a small pair of pliers.

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Anderz said...

I own one myself and am pretty pleased. But did you try the b-y can opener yet? I can't figure that one out...