Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Asym Hammock Review

I absolutely love my Hennessey Ultralight Backpacker Asym hammock (HH - Hennessey Hammock). This is my second season using this particular piece of equipment and it is by far the best thing I have ever purchased. I love everything about this hammock too.

First and foremost is the entry system on the HH. This entry system is easy to use and works extremely well. I have never had a single issue with the entry system on this hammock. In conjunction with the bug screen, the entry system does an excellent job keeping out bugs.

On a typical top entry hammock, when the bug net is opened, bugs tend to fly in the hammock and end up getting under the netting. Thus, when you get into the hammock and zip the netting closed, you are trapped in the hammock with the bugs. This can be very frustrating.

The bug net is permanently attached to the HH to ensure bugs do not get into the hammock. This also reduces overall weight of the hammock system because it eliminates the added weight of zippers and such. The bug net does a great job keeping out the tiniest bugs.

The standard tarp (rain fly), which comes with the HH does a great job keeping me dry. I have been in the rain several times and never had an issue with this tarp. The tarp is as small as possible to save as much weight, on the overall system, as possible.

I am 100% satisfied with the weight of this hammock system. Hennessey does a great job keeping this hammock system as light as possible without compromising durability, or features. It is one of the lightest shelter options on the market today. It is by far one of the most comfortable as well.

Comfort is the #1 selling point of this particular hammock. I can easily lay flat on my back because of the asymmetric shape of this hammock. This gives me a greater degree of positions to sleep in, which is very important for me to remain comfortable. The trick to laying flat is to lay diagonally in the hammock.

I have compared this hammock to several others on the market:
Clark Jungle Hammock
Claytor Expedition Hammock
Claytor Jungle Hammock
Speer Hammock

When comparing a weight to cost ratio, the HH cannot be beat. It is simply the lightest weight hammock for the least amount of money. However, this does not rule out purchasing any of the other hammocks by any means. They are all great products and have their strong points. For example, the Claytor Jungle Hammock is low cost, durable, comfortable, and comes with a large tarp. It comes in a cool camo pattern too.

Another benefit of the HH is that it has pullouts on the sides. This helps prevent the hammock from hugging my body and gives me room to move around. The inside of the hammock is very roomy. This is a big attraction for me. I like a roomy hammock, and don't like feeling restricted by hammocks, which hug my body.

The ridge line used to hold up the bug net has a loop in each end and has a mesh pocket hanging on it for small items. I find the combination of the loops, and pocket in the hammock are adequate for the amount of stuff I keep in the hammock with me. The loops work well for tying my water bottle up in the hammock as well. I have also been successful tying my bottle to the ridge line with a bandanna.

Overall this hammock is a top choice for me and I highly recommend it. The other HH models are similar and I recommend considering the one that suits your needs best. Simply put, Hennessey Hammocks are great hammocks!

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