Friday, June 15, 2007

Garmin GPS60CS Review

I've had my GPS60CS for several years now and am very pleased with it. This thing can take a serious beating too. I had the GPS mounted on my bike and crashed around on a turn going about 20 mph. The gps slammed against the ground, and was completely unharmed. It still works like a champ.

I have taken this gps in all sorts of different weather conditions and used it to navigate in the wilderness. It works well in most situations. However, it has a few issues, which have been corrected in the new version (GPS60CSX). For example, heavy foliage can disrupt the receiver. I personally have not had much of an issue with this.

This gps has excellent street navigation and is easy to follow while driving. It is user friendly and has a lot of great features. For instance, it has a great color display.

I highly recommend the new version of this unit; GPSMAP60CSX.

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