Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2x4 Hammock Stand 1st Night Test

I used my new home made 2x4 hammock stand, through the night, for the first time last night. This stand rocks............. I was bouncing and moving around a lot through the night and this thing held up extremely well.

I had an air mattress under the hammock and a backup safety line tied loosely to a tree just in case I came crashing down. This would prevent the stand from crashing into me or the ground.

I decided to use a second stake in my line just for extra support. I will continue to use the two stakes, but not the mattress, or safety line. I now have enough confidence in this stand and the double stake system.

I don't feel the extra stake is 100% necessary. However, I feel more comfortable with it. Especially in the rain.

I plan to carry this stand, and a 2x4, with a notch, on all of my camping trips for now on. The purpose of the 2x4 is in case I need to employ the single pole hammock method. In combination with my new stand, my setup is completely versatile. I should no longer have issues setting up at campsites with cleared spots; so long as there is at least one tree.

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